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I Choose 2 B Fit

10-week Weight-Loss Program  – “Ichoose2bfit”

This weight-loss program is not about following a strict diet or doing difficult exercises. It is all about creating a proper lifestyle balance; this means being holistically fit, that is :

  • Physically
  • Mentally
  • Emotionally
  • Spiritually

This program delves deeply into the following areas:

Goal-setting, Integrity, Accountability, Drive, Motivation, Commitment, Planning, Team Work, Progress Tracking, Energy and Healing, Activity and Nutrition, Taking Charge of Stress Levels, Rest for the Body and Mind, Improved Self Esteem, Challenging Oneself and Going Beyond to be Productive, and Time Management.

The program can be tailored to suit different age groups, such as teenagers, young adults, adults (both male and female) and even seniors. Meera’s specialized program for teenagers in particular is one of the best that age group, as it helps them find a balance in their day-to-day lives as they transition into adulthood while learning to cope with the stresses they face, particularly in school.

The weight-loss program is designed according to the intensity and pace of each individual in the group. It includes mind movies, motivational talks, healing with energy and elements of meditation.

Number of participants: Works best with small groups of 4 to 6.

Requirements: an empty hall or studio to conduct 1 session per week for 10 weeks.

Duration: 2 hours each session.


Gauri Shrivastava - Testimonial - Meera Nair

I joined Meera's weight loss programme on a whim. It was a whim that changed my life and the way I look now! A down to earth, practical person, Meera does not drown you in jargon, a complicated exercise regime or any form of grueling diet. It was not difficult to incorporate her rather easy-to-follow exercises and turn them into a daily habit. Her extremely sensible tips on what to eat ensure that you can continue to eat normally with just minor tweaking. But probably, the most significant part of her training is the positive thinking aspect that she kickstarts into your consciousness. The gratitude and acknowledgement record that she gets her students to keep makes sure we are so bubbling with positivity that the fitness discipline just falls into place. I lost 6 kg in the 3-month workshop but gained in confidence at my own ability to take charge, which her warm positivism invoked in me. For someone who is terrified of gyms with alpha females competitively working out, I felt so comfortable in the infectious warmth of Meera's class that I would eagerly await every subsequent one. Meera, you feature big time in my gratitude journal!!

Gauri Shrivastava Writer / Singapore November 21, 2014

Gayathri - Testimonial - Meera Nair

I thought I was doing the right things to lose weight but was stuck at losing 2-3 kgs with no progress after that. During the workshop, I started seeing results; Meera put us right back on track and I started seeing the difference. So far I have lost 8 kgs in a span of 3 months and have almost reached my target! The best feeling was when my husband started noticing the change

Gayatri Teacher / Kembangan November 21, 2014

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