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Heart to Hearts Book

Heart to Hearts is a must read book anyone who is looking at making their dream a reality. A dream remains a dream but with action it transforms to reality.

From this book readers will learn

  • How to go past your emotional barriers to achieve your goal
  • The  power of support system
  • The art of being organised that leads to productivity
  • Why energy is one key element that will push you forward
  • How to transform every experience as a stepping stone going forward in making your dream a reality

Heart to Hearts  

Heart to Hearts is a compilation of real-life stories of seven women from across the continent who have faced their share of challenges. These women stood against all odds to be where they are today. Some of them were not fortunate enough to choose the kind of life they wanted to live. They fought traditional barriers to pursue their dreams, pushed forward to make a stand in a male-dominated workplace, dealt with separation and the loss of loved ones, came to terms with physical changes and loss of energy, just to name a few. Despite their struggles, each and every one of them have been able to transform their lives into something positive. All these women had one thing in common and that is hope.  Somewhere deep in their hearts, they know that there is more to life than giving up.

The segments “ Matters of the heart” and “Winning for the heart” in the book is to help readers to explore their passion and work towards their dream.

This book not only for women but for anyone needs some motivation and inspiration.

Life will never be perfect, but if you can take each experience as a positive step forward then there will be fulfilment. Open your Heart and reach out to other Hearts.

There will be at least one heart that will connect with yours.


This book is written to acknowledge and celebrate all women. The proceeds from this book will go to the higher education of the kids in Little Angels Orphanage in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


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“The lives and achievements of the personalities recorded in this book serve as inspiration for all of us engaged in making this world a better place to live in.
The cause for which this book is dedicated to, is heart-warming and worthy of support.
I salute Ms. Nair for this selfless act of uplifting the lives of children.”

Singapore International Foundation

“This book of awesome and disparate women and their experiences come together in a singular voice about hope, grace and the resilience of the human spirit. It inspires you to do better, be better and live better, with practical advice and hard earned wisdom. And what a fitting coda that the proceeds from this book will move the needle forward for the kids at the Little Angels Orphanage.”

Sathi Pillai-Colucci
Executive Assistant to Robert Battle
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
New York, USA

“Heart to Hearts is a remarkable book that will touch the very core of every heart. It sends out very empowering message about following your dreams. It makes people want to look within themselves and work on the emotional, physical, mentality and spirituality strength. Meera is an epitome of compassion, kindness, love and empathy. Kudos to you!”

Veronica Chew
Group General Manager
Success Resources, Singapore

“Heart to Hearts is a beautiful look into the lives of seven courageous women from diverse perspectives and also a call to action. These women leap off the page with insights that will no doubt inspire generations to come. Meera has captured their essence so beautifully not just with her holistic approach to women’s progress but with her enormous generosity of spirit.”

Shanta Thake
Director of Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater
Co-Director of GlobalFEST
New York, USA

“This book is a source of inspiration to not just women but anyone to never give up whatever difficulties they are facing in their life and to focus their energies on a better life ahead. It is reader friendly and can be read comfortably in one go or used as reference material whenever one needs encouragement in life. My salutations to the Meera Nair for her painstaking work in this publication.”

Ameerali Abdeali JP, PBM
President, Muslim Kidney Action Association, Singapore