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Corporate Training

About Corporate Training

It is true that if you have  great teams of highly motivated employees the productivity would be very high. At the same time if they are only driven by a reward like pay increase and little bonus at the end of the year, the motivation is short lived. The demands at work increases and hence the motivation level dips. This is because they are spending more time at work with less personal time and constantly they are their minds are working overtime such that their stress levels shoots up.

Meera has worked with employees from Corporate companies like Philips, HP, Perot Systems, British Telecoms and with Researchers/ PhD students and Scientists from Indian Institute of Science to name a few. She has experienced various challenges her participants from these fields have faced. She has coached and helped them get to track by re- organizing their lifestyle and by introducing activities they can do while they are at work and at home with their families. The more motivated, enthusiastic & happier the employees are, it leads to healthier employees and great work environment. Their level of productivity increases and the absenteeism reduces, which in return is good news as the Organization will be able to retain their staff

Corporate Clients

Meera Nair was introduced to me during one of our BNI Awesome meetings in the category of health and wellness. She became part of our BNI Awesome and introduced in the simple manner the concept of wellness in the group. Her daily and weekly tips with practical aspects were of great importance. She did lead our group for one term and taken the Awesome chapter to great heights. Her performance during the six month of leadership was enthralling and the group still remember her early 15 minutes workout program.

Meera Nair's health tips and advice cannot be ignored under any circumstances and wishing her the resounding success in the coming days and years.

Narendra Damani Director
Fraser Techno Circuits Limited
February 6, 2015

Meera got the whole team interested in workouts within a short span of time and provided enduring benefits. On behalf of Helios & Matheson Management, I wish to place on record our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the very effective way in which you conducted the 2 hours session of fitness and wellness. This introduced our company employees to an excellent opportunity for learning about how to stay fit at workplace. I believe that you have kindled the latent desire in many of us to care for the body in which we live and learn ways and means of how to stay fit , healthy and with full of energy. Not only the physical aspect, but also your instructional tips on subject were most informative and made the workplace a fun place. I am sure lots and lots of corporate clients will benefit from our program if an opportunity given.

Suparna N R President & CEO
Helios & Matheson
February 6, 2015


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Programs Offered

Health at Workplace

Focuses on Prevention of illnesses &  Injuries, Ergonomics, RSI,  Importance of Stretching, Why hydration & good nutrition is top priority?  The 5 mins  break for your mind to re- focus

Min: 10 participants  Max: 100

Work Life Balance

Taking charge  of Life at Work & Home through talks and active interaction. Awareness  on how to get back to an active lifestyle based on the mind-set & physical wellbeing .

Min: 10  participants Max: 100

Dealing with Stress

This is a focused workshop on how to deal with emotional, mental and physical burnout. Various relaxation techniques, motivation, re- focus, balancing of energy, Super Food that helps during these phase are a few of the highlights of this program. This is not a session of long lecture but a very interactive one which includes “Fun and laughter” which results in Improved Energy and Job Satisfaction.

Min: 10 participants Max 30

Productivity and Fitness

Not everyone are privileged to take one hour off of work to go to the gym to exercise. This program will help employees on how to break the 9 hours at work to add different exercise while at work. Use of Lunch break and tea break more effectively for activities. Improved Time Management

Min: 10 participants Max 30

Fit at Work

This is a 55 minutes regular workout for Strength, Flexibility and Cardio.

Classes for Strength and Flexibility



Resistance Tubing ( mats & resistance tubing)

Cardio Workout

Fuzecraze Rhythm and Dance

Zumba Fitness

Total Body Workout:Classes with a combination of Cardio, Strength & Flexibility

30 mins of Dance Cardio + 25 mins Resistance Tubing and or Pilates or Yoga.

Min: 10 participants Max 30

Camps and Retreats

These Camps and retreats are created as per the requirement of an organization. It can be from 3 days to 10 days retreat based on Trekking, Mind Body Soul (relaxation, meditation) for Charity etc.

This program will be specially designed according  to the need of a specific group. These camps are conducted locally in Singapore as well as overseas at destinations like places Malaysia, Cambodia, Bali, India, Tibet, South Africa, Suriname – South America and various other interesting places.

Team Building

Enhancement & Improvement on a more interpersonal relations and social interactions within Team member, through various challenges, fun activities and adventure both indoors and outdoors are the highlights of this program.

Team Members will learn how to support, overcome fears, be more expressive and open, encourage, motivate and appreciate their Team members in a more open and non- judgmental way. These team building activities are designed in  such a way that they will be  able to implement what they learnt back to their everyday life at work creating a much more positive environment when it comes to creation, taking decisions and delegating duties.


Get a free consultation with Meera today at NO CHARGE! Figure out what works best for your Organisation !