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AFAA – Aerobics & Fitness Association of America

Singapore Group fitness Instructors experienced the first AFAA Primary Group Exercise Certification exams in July 2013. Since then there has been no looking back. We have conducted many successful Examinations and Workshops in Singapore which also brought in some International participants. Singapore will see more new Certifications like Personal Training and Kick Boxing Certifications and among others.

Meera is an AFAA TEAM PROFESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE. She works with International Hosts to bring AFAA courses to their countries. She has been a CERTIFICATION SPECIALIST and INTERNATIONAL PRESENTER since 2007 conducting Primary Group Certification Exam and various AFAA workshops for Group Fitness Instructors in South East Asia and India.

She has conducted Primary Group Exams and workshops in Cities like Brunei, Cebu, Manila, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Delhi and Singapore.


Courses Offered

  1. Primary Group Exercise Certification
  2. The Practical Way
  3. Personal Trainer Certification
  4. Fuzecraze™ Dance
  5. Practical Pilates
  6. Group Resistance Training
  7. Senior Fitness
  8. Sunrise Yoga

Who should do it?

Instructors who are currently teaching any type of Fitness Sessions in a Group Setting. Suitable for Yoga, Pilates, Dances Instructors, Strength & Endurance Training Instructors, Cardio Dance Fitness eg. Zumba, Bokwa, Jazzercise, Kpop. New Instructors who are looking at career in the Fitness Industry.

Why ?

AFAA’s Primary Group Exercise Certification is designed to equip those seeking to become certified as group exercise instructors with the competencies needed to design safe and effective group exercise programming for the general healthy population. This gold standard, fully-accredited by Vital Research, Inc. and Distance Education and Training Council (recognized by the U.S. Dept. of Education).It is globally recognized certification course is appropriate for instructors who teach free-form and/or pre-choreographed programs.

Upcoming Dates & Cities – 2016


JULY  17                Practical Pilates

JULY  16                Group Resistance Training

JULY  2                  GX  Instructor Workshop + Online Primary Group Exam
FEB 27                   Primary GX Certification Exam

FEB 26                   Practical Way



MAR 27                                Practical Pilates

MAR 26                                FuzeCraze Dance Drills and Skills

MAR 25                                Group Resistance Training

FEB 21                                   Primary GX Certification Exam

FEB 20                                   Practical Way



JUNE 4                                  GX  Instructor Workshop + Online Primary Group Exam



NOV 13                                 GX  Instructor Workshop + Online Primary Group Exam

NOV 12                                 Practical Pilates


AUG 21                                 Group Resistance Training

AUG 20                                 GX  Instructor Workshop + Online Primary Group Exam


JUNE 26                                GX  Instructor Workshop + Online Primary Group Exam

JUNE 25                                Practical Pilates


FEB 14                                   Primary GX Certification Exam

FEB 13                                   Practical Pilates


JAN 31                                 Primary GX Certification Exam

Upcoming Dates & Cities – 2015


Jan 23 Practical Way

Jan 24 Primary Group Exercise Certification Exam

April 17  Group Resistance Training

April 18 Senior Fitness

April 19 Sunrise Yoga

May 23 Practical Way

May 24 Primary Group Exercise Certification Exam

Sep 04-06 Personal Fitness Training Certification Exam (3 Days)

Oct 23 The Practical Way

Oct 24 Primary Group Exercise Certification Exam

Oct 31 FuzeCraze Dance Drills and Skills


Kuala Lumpur

Mar 20 The Practical Way

Mar 21 Primary Group Exercise Certification Exam

Mar 22 FuzeCraze Dance Drills & Skills

Oct 16 The Practical Way

Oct 17 Primary Group Exercise Certification Exam

Oct 18 FuzeCraze Dance Drills & Skills



Apr 03 The Practical Way

Apr 04 Primary Group Exercise Certification Exam

Apr 05 FuzeCraze Dance Drills & Skills



April 26 & 27 Primary Group Exercise Certification Exam


April 25 Primary Group Exercise Certification Exam


April 24 Primary Group Exercise Certification Exam


Aug 8 The Practical Way

Aug 9 Primary Group Exercise Certification Exam


Nov 27  The Practical Way

Nov 28  Primary Group Exercise Certification Exam

Nov 29  FuzeCraze Dance Drills & Skills



Jun 12 The Practical Way

Jun 13 Primary Group Exercise Certification Exam

Jun 14 FuzeCraze Dance Drills & Skills

To know more go to www.afaa.com

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Recently, I had completed the AFAA Primary Group Exercise Certification Course in July 2013 in Singapore. This course has given me valuable insight. Through this course, I have attained a thorough understanding of the human anatomy and basic exercise standards and guidelines. It has taught me how to conduct safe and effective group exercise classes. Our coach and examiner, Meera Nair, being very experienced in the fitness industry, has been very helpful and encouraging. Under her guidance, I have successfully passed the exam and am now an AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Meera Nair for her patience, guidance and encouragement. I would highly recommend this course to everyone who would like to build up his/her career in the fitness industry as well as all fitness professionals who would like to take their career to the next level.

Adeline Miu November 21, 2014

Thank You AFAA!!!!!

AFAA makes me a better Instructor The Guidelines that I learn from AFAA I am using them every time when I'm teaching a fitness class. Being A certified Fitness Instructor Personal Instructor since 1998 that did not stop me from furthering my education and over the years I have taken various other fitness certification too along the way, I am Proud to be an International Certified AFAA Group Exercise Instructor!!!

Michelle Koh November 21, 2014

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