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Art of Networking

Art of Networking- Learn How to Create Influence & Make an Impression


Networking is an essential skill that allows you to connect and link with others. This workshop helps participants to use leverage on others to achieve their goals. This is an excellent platform for Organizations & Business Owners to send their employees to. They will be able to create Influence and make an impression amongst their colleagues as well as when its required for them to step out of their work environment for official purpose. Networking is very crucial these days as opportunities revolve around connections and contacts. It is one of the best programs for any High School, Colleges and Universities to Introduce to Students. This gives them an opportunity to understand how to practice networking in social environments and how to build relationships with others which comes handy when they step into the outside world and stand on their own. At “Art of Networking” participants will learn the fundamentals of networking and learn how to create influence and make an impact. They will learn some innovative ideas that will simplify the process of networking, enabling them to build powerful personal and professional connections.


What they will learn?

  • The 4 steps of networking at any event
  • The power of networking and its value towards your goals
  • Network with the right attitude and mindset to attract the right people
  • Create effective Ice-Breakers
  • How to get past fears, judgments & barriers
  • Communication and Listening Skills
  • Integrity, Dos & Don’ts during networking
  • Body Language
  • First Impression, Creating Influence
  • Step after – Nurturing the Bond created


Art of Networking is not a long talk but a hands- on interactive training. It is a customized workshop that is created to help participants with the fundamentals of networking from the perspective that makes it easy and natural.

Participants can look forward to a very exciting & fun training. They will be engaging themselves in activities throughout the program while they learn how to develop the skills of Networking through various creative methods.


Minimum No of participants:      Min 15  Max 100 and above

Duration: 2 hours

Meera is very enthusiastic & passionate when it comes to networking. She was a member of the Business Networking International ( BNI ) where she took up Leadership role as Chapter Director & Education Coordinator.

Meera has conducted Art of Networking at National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI) for Grassroots Leaders and for staff at People’s Association, NorthWest CDC , Siglap South Community Centre and  Business Owners from BNI .



Grassroots Leaders from North West CDC PA Staff & National Community Leadership Institute and Residents from Siglap South CC

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Interesting and useful tips given for Networking. Definitely will help us in our Networking Events

Shannon Toh Grassroot Leader January 30, 2015

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Learnt about the 4 steps of Networking, very interesting!. Trainer Meera Nair is confident and knows her stuff well

Michelle Ma Grassroot Leader January 30, 2015